Botanical Garden Tour: Reflecting Pool Gardens

The pool was completely reconstructed in 2007. The plant material was removed and the renovation took almost two growing seasons. Almost 50 peony plants are the big spring attraction. The beds on either side are planted in a formal mirror image pattern. The end beds contain Perrovskia (Russian Sage), yellow Baptisia, Kniphofia (Red-Hot-Poker), Trollius (Globe Flower) and yellow Hibiscus. The evergreens are Junipers Golden Lace. The middle beds are anchored with Boxwoods and Hypericum (St. Johnswort). All the beds contain Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) and white Oriental Lillies. A variety of yellow, orange and white annuals add color. In late summer, orange Pretoria Cannas create a display in front of the peonies.