Cranbrook House: An Eventful Home

The Booth family was deeply involved in the social and civic life of Cranbrook and the community surrounding it. 

In the library, for example, the idea of the Birmingham Community House was first conceived. The plans for Christ Church Cranbrook and Cranbrook and Kingswood Schools were set in motion in this same room by the Reverend Samuel Marquis and George and Ellen Booth. The first books for Cranbrook Academy of Art Library and the first minerals for Cranbrook Institute of Science all came from Cranbrook House.

Warm, hospitable and active, the house is still furnished much as it was when the Booths lived here, and its charm is still clearly evident.

Today, the main rooms of Cranbrook House are used primarily for conferences, meetings, tours and special events. The upper floors are occupied by administrative personnel for the Cranbrook Educational Community.