How To Use This App/Settings

This app allows you to discover the many beautiful sites around Cranbrook Gardens.

Touch the HOME navigation button at the bottom of this app at any time to return to the app homepage.

Touch the TOURS navigation button at the bottom of this app to begin a tour around Cranbrook Gardens. There are three tours available:

Cranbrook Gardens Tour: This tour provides a general overview of the gardens and is a great place to start. 

Sculptures & Fountains Tour: This tour provides greater detail on the sculptures, fountains, and other icons around the gardens. 

Botanical Tour: This tour is great for gardening enthusiasts who would like to know more about the plants in each garden. 

Touch the MAP navigation button at the bottom of this app to view a map of Cranbrook Gardens. Select any marker on the map to jump directly to that Cranbrook Gardens Tour site. 

Touch the INFO navigation button at the bottom of this app to access helpful information for visitors.

Toggle the GeoAlerts button below to 'On' to be automatically notified when you are nearby select Cranbrook Gardens Tour sites. Please note: the app must be open to receive alerts, which will be displayed in the form of a pop up window within the app. There is also a triangle icon on the top right of the app that will show all the sites that you are within range of. *Due to the close proximity of the sites to one another and other factors, the GeoAlerts for sites might not necessarily be displayed in the order they are outlined within the tour.