Sculptures & Fountains Tour: Rainbow Fountain

Location: The Oriental Garden

Designed by George Gough Booth in collaboration with architect Marcus Burrowes, Rainbow Fountain was constructed in 1916, and soon became a favorite spot for Booth family picnics, outings and other activities. The fountain gained its name upon its first use, when the rays of the setting sun caught the spray of the water and enveloped the entire structure in a radiant rainbow.

Incorporated into the boundary wall on the west side of Cranbrook Road, the masonry structure was accented by carved limestone, Pewabic tiles (laid out by Merry Chase Perry Stratton, co-founder of Pewabic Pottery), and a reflecting pool that was added a few years after the original structure was completed. Pairs of corbels, benches, and urns all carved of limestone, completed the decorative elements.