Botanical Garden Tour: The Sunken Garden

This is the show garden at Cranbrook. Each year the center rows are planted with annuals in an interesting pattern. We use at least 10,000 plants and it takes about two weeks to complete this task.

Along the walls there is an herbaceous border, planted in the English fashion (very little soil showing between plants). The plants are all perennials and almost too numerous to name.

The Hydrangea schizophrenia on the south wall is an unusual species. Several different Clematises are planted on the poles on the left wall. In the spring and summer one can find perennial Geraniums, Globe Thistle, Eryngium Crocosmia, Nepta, Iris, Astilbe, Penstemon, Dianthus, and Phlox. In the fall the garden is filled with Asters, Helenium, Helianthus and Japanese Anemones.

There is something in bloom from early spring to late fall. This is truly a spectacular perennial display.